Independent Learning Project

When I first read about this Independent Learning Project, I was not thrilled of the idea, but the more I thought about it, I considered it a great opportunity to use this time to explore some reading that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. That is the Holy Bible. While, with only two hours a week, I don’t think I would be able to get through all of it, I could possibly get through the New Testament.

Growing up in a Christian home, my faith has always been important to me, but in the college life that many of us live, it can be hard to stay firm in that faith. Even for the future, and as teacher, I want to be able to showcase my Christian characteristics on my students and peers. Yes, I realize that I can’t specific talk about Christianity without equally talking about the other four main religions. However, I can work on and convey characteristics like patience, love, understanding, and forgiveness. I can do so without having to actually specific talk about it, but still express it in an appropriate manner.

I would like to use this time to learn and examine the Bible, because it is something that I have never fully done and I feel that as a Christian I should do. In doing so, I can possibly enrich my spiritual life, and at the same time, have it pour out onto others in a positive and effective manner. I know not everyone is going to agree with me, and they are going to have disagreements with me when I blog about my readings and findings, but I want to be able to test my comprehension and faith in the face of any criticism.

I feel that this is a great use of my learning time, and I feel that I would truly enjoy this project now. Also, I would be hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak. I would be getting in my anointed time for the project, while revamping and revitalizing my daily and weekly literature of the Bible. It could quite possibly light a fire that sets in motion a more regular reading that all Christians I believe should partake in. I challenge people to challenge me and to post questions or critics in the comment section, so that I can possibly look at it from a different point of view and then attempt to go back and reanalyze what I read. That being said, I am not looking for a theological debate about which religion is better or worse, but simply me trying to answers questions individuals might have about the readings.



  1. I like how you mention that we can use different main points from Christianity to teach students in a way that is not considered illegal in public schools. I also appreciate that you ask readers to comment and post questions for you throughout this project.


  2. I think that your independent learning project is great!! I am a Christian myself and I have experienced first hand how college can test your faith. This past summer I have devoted time to being in the word each day. I can honestly say that I have learned things about myself that I never knew possible. By spending so much extra time with the Lord I have felt his Holy Spirit change my life in so many ways! I can’t wait to hear about what you learn as you do your project! My grandma told me to always start in Matthew and read through each book until I get to Revelations and then to start over. Each time you will pick up on something new. I am so excited to see what you learn!:)


      1. That would be great! I think it is so awesome you are studying the word!:) Good luck I can’t wait to see what you learn!


  3. I would have never thought to do this for my independent project mainly due to it being school, but I think it is an awesome topic! I think you are going to have some great opportunities open up through your research and blog. I am really looking forward to seeing where your research takes you this semester!


  4. One of the best things about an ILP is being able to do some work that we already really wanted to do, AND GET CREDIT for it as a college course. I’m so glad you’ve found something so near and dear to your heart. I’m looking forward to following your progress!


  5. This is perfect. So many others are choosing the Bible as their independent learning project and I think it is fitting within the stresses of college. We need those moments of peace of just reading about the Lord. I liked how you mentioned that not everyone will agree with you and yes it will be hard. But as the Bible says “Deny me in front of your friends and I shall deny you in front of my father.” I think it is great you are reaching out to other while also trying to minimize conflict.


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