Reflection of the First Eight Weeks

Literacy in the Digital Age course from Chadron State College has provided me with a great opportunity to learn and grow in my digital skills and knowledge. I was unsure of how this course would go, and what exactly I learn, but I didn’t think I would learn or care as much as I have already! In the beginning, I had the attitude that this was just another course I had to pass to get my degree, but this has blossomed into so much more. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, not only for my own personal learning but for assisting me a helping my students learn better from my teaching. I think that this course has exceeded my expectations because while there is a substantial amount of work, the work required is meaningful and essential in learning and obtaining necessary information.

My favorite module of the course so far was module 5. For starters, I deeply enjoy the Independent Learning Project assignment. The ILP has made me get out of my comfort zone and open up about my faith in God. Another reason I picked module 5 as my favorite module is for the Personal Learning Network assignment. This assignment showed me how truly important it is to building a professional network. Finding peers that you can share and collaborate with is vital in learning and discovering new and important information in your field of study.

Photo CC- by Jeromy Deleff

The most challenging module so far was probably module 7, mainly because of the 30 day challenge. While, I think that this 30 day challenge will be a great learning experience and opportunity to grow, it brings a new load of work along with it. While, this work isn’t overly difficult most of the time, some of it is going to be brand new for me. I say that mainly because in the field of digital competency I am average at best, so sometimes I struggle with learning new tools or resources. That being said, I still find it very rewarding when I do learn or perform something new.

For the second half of the course I hope to learn more tools and resources to help with my future classes. Along with learning new tools and resources, I hope to develop my reading, writing, and digital literacy skills. All of those areas are extremely important, not only for being a successful adult in the world, but for being a successful teacher. I look forward to this next eight weeks and what it might entail.

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