The Book of John: Ch 16-18

This week in the Book of John, we continue to see Jesus prepare for His intended purpose. Then in the latter half of the passage we start to see the beginning of Jesus’ fate on earth.

Photo CC- by AnonMoos

Jesus starts off by talking to His disciples about the Holy Spirit and how truly important it is to understand it. It is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which are all in one, but still distinct in their own nature. This is what is called the Holy Trinity.

Jesus would then go on to explain to the disciples how this will guide all of us along our intended path and into the truth. As believers, we must be willing to give up our earthly plans and allow God to push us along His envisioned path. If we do follow this path, we can be opened up to new and wonderful things that we never would have guessed we could gone and accomplished.

Before Jesus left the disciples that day, he tells them that they will no longer be able to see Him and that He will be gone, but that after a while that He would return again. This obviously confused the disciples, for they did not understand that this was a reference to a greater plan that was already in motion. Jesus was referring to dying on the cross for all of us sinners, and paying the price so that we all can one day have eternal life. Not only was he referring to dying on the cross, but also the fact that He would then resurrect in three days and defeat death. Without knowing God’s greater plan, it would have been very confusing to hear those words from Jesus.

In verse 33 Jesus says, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” This is a wonderful thing to know about our savior! While, we may all have troubles along the way in our earthly bodies, it will all soon be wiped away. This is all able to be accomplished for what Jesus overcame on the cross by taking our sins and washing them away.

As Jesus is leaving, He takes a moment to pray. He not only prayed for Himself and what was about to happen, but for His disciples and all the believers out in the world. We should always make time for prayer, no matter what is going on in our life. Take a minute and get connected with God.

As Jesus was in the olive grove, Judas (one of Jesus’ disciples) had betrayed Christ by bringing armed guards to arrest Him, just like Jesus had told them all. Simon Peter who was with Jesus took out his sword and ended up cutting off one of the guards’ ear in attempt to protect Jesus. Peter still did not know the greater plan at work, but Jesus knowing all this, asked Peter to relinquish his sword.

As the guards took Jesus away to stand trial, Peter is questioned three different times by people who claim the saw him with Jesus and that he is one of the disciples. Peter was quick to deny all allegations that were brought upon him. On the moment of his third denial, the rooster crowed (just as Jesus had said). This may have been a low point in Peter’s life, but it was not the end of his story with Christ. He would later be forgiven, and so well trusted by Jesus, that he would become an essential key in building the Church. Quite the turnaround if you asked me! This goes to show, no matter where you are at in your life, God still has a plan for you and you can still get back on track and be forgiven.

Jesus first stood trial in front of the high Priest. Then He was summoned to stand in front of the Roman governor. As he was standing trial, the governor found no basis to charge Jesus with. However, they had a custom that they would allow the crowd to choose one prisoner to release during the Passover. As was intended, the crowd demanded that Jesus be crucified and that the guards release Barabass (who was a rebellious criminal).

Next week we will continue with the Jesus being crucified on the cross and dying for all our sins. Until then, I challenge each of you to take a few minutes of each day to pray and think about what Jesus did for us on that cross and how it had such an impact on all our lives!


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