Digital Footprint

Most people believe that they don’t leave much of a digital footprint, but more than likely they are wrong in this assumption. Like myself, I didn’t think there would be much to find when I tried Googling myself. I figured I would find some things from social media, like Facebook and Twitter, but I didn’t think I would find much else.

As far as the non-social media areas went, most of my searches turned up a lot of results relating to my athletic career. There were several different websites that linked me to articles about myself from local newspapers in regards to my high school sports, mainly football and track. It was interesting to go back and reread those articles. I hadn’t read some of them in over five years. I also found a link to my old Hudl account, which is a website that assist players in watching practice and game film. As far as my college athletic career, it turned up several different links. One of them was TFRRS which is an online database for ranking track and field athletes and teams. Another was our own CSC Track and Field team home page, which showed my picture and bio. The last thing I found was on YouTube, which turned up several videos of me throwing. Overall, the majority of my online footprint has been athletically based, but the older I get the more I use various social media resources.

I have used several different social media cites, but the two that I have used the most is Facebook and Twitter. Although, I mainly only use Twitter for academic and professional reasons now. I did use it some when I was in high school, but not really enough to even create much of a footprint. As for Facebook, I have used it a lot more for personal reasons over the years. While, I don’t post a lot, I have a lot of friends and family that do tag me in posts and pictures. So, I have created a large footprint here. I have gone through it, and none of it is inappropriate or would hurt me in a future job interview. I believe that I haven’t even really had to delete any posts due to being inappropriate. However, it is still all out there for anyone to see and use.

Photo CC- by Lee Marletto

Googling yourself definitely raises your eyebrows a bit. It allows things to resurface that you had long since forgotten about. Things that could easily be used against you in the future, unless it’s all good material. Realizing that we have a digital footprint that will last forever is something we should consider more when we posting thing out there on the web, and something we should emphasis more heavily in our school systems. It can be a scary world out there sometimes, and it is scary to think about how easily someone can access so much personal information about yourself. Someone with some skill, could easily cross-reference some sources and gain access to information and data that you never thought would be in the eyes of complete strangers.

Moral of the story is be careful of what you posting out on the internet, you never know who is going to see or how they can potentially use that information.



  1. Hey Cory! It was interesting to read your post because I haven’t googled myself yet but I anticipate that I will find similar information because of athletics. I agree that googling yourself may open your eyes to information that can be used against you. with that, I feel like we weren’t warned about this enough as we were growing up. At least not in my school in Denver.


  2. I think it’s crazy that we never know what is out there about ourselves in the digital world. I didn’t think I would have much about me online that I didn’t know but turns out that I found more stuff about me than I thought I would! A lot of them were from schools and my social medias but there was one website I found myself on and didn’t know I was even on there. I also found my dad on my googling process and got his full information. Which is a lot out there for strangers and too easy for them to find. It’s just crazy how public the digital world is. My dad is hardly on the internet and his information are out there for the world to see.


  3. I saw a lot of what you saw in just finding things about sports in high school. It is certainly a trip down memory lane to read these. I am glad you are mostly like me in that it will not hinder you in the future! I wish you luck and hope this does not change!


  4. Excellent post! You never really think about what is so easily accessible through one Google search. Some things you expect, like social media, other things you know have been digitalized but wouldn’t expect it to be this public. I really makes you wonder what someone could find if they were really motivated and had resources.


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