The Book of John: Ch: 19-21

This week we will be finishing up the Book of John, and continuing were we left off with Jesus being tried and crucified.

Pilate, the Roman governor spoke with Jesus and the crowd. He continues to tell them all that he has nothing to hold against Jesus and that he finds no crime to charge Jesus with. While he was doing so, several soldiers came up to Jesus and placed a crown of thorns on his head. They then mocked him, calling him the “King of the Jews”. They then continued to beat and ridicule him in front of the angry crowd.

Before Pilate gave in and headed Jesus over to be crucified, he tried to reason with Jesus, by telling him that he had the power to set him free. Jesus replied perfectly to him  by saying in verse 19:11, “You have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” Pilate then concedes and gives Jesus up for the crucifixion, for he knew he did set Jesus free he would be killed by the angry mob for going against Caesar. How Jesus handles this situation is unbelievable. I would have a hard time not breaking and giving into the temptation, with the man who could set me free trying to reason with me and the crowd. However, Jesus knew the greater plan at work, and he knew that his time to die for all of our sins had come. If Jesus had given in and not sacrificed himself, none of us would be able to accept the beautiful gift of everlasting life with God.

Now that Jesus was condemned to death, the soldiers made Jesus carry his own cross up the hill to be crucified. They did not require this of over condemned men. The sheer torture and pain that Jesus went through is unimaginable. There is no way that any of us could go through the suffering that Jesus went through that day. It shows you how much He truly loves us, for if He didn’t why would He have gone through all the pain and misery?

As Mary and the disciples watched Jesus being nailed up on the cross, they slowly watched Him die before them. The last thing Jesus said was in verse 20:29: “It is finished.” With those last words, His head lowered, for Jesus had died. Later, a guard came around

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and pierced Jesus’ body with a spear and watch the blood gush out of Him. After removing Him from the cross, they wrapped Jesus in a linen cloth and laid Him a new burial tomb.

After three days had past, Mary Magdalene went out to see the tomb. As she came up to the tomb, she was stunned to find the massive stone entrance removed. Frightened, she quickly went and told Simon Peter and the disciples what she found. Upon their return, Mary became overwhelmed with grief and began weeping. At the moment two angels appeared and asked her why she was crying.  Jesus then appeared to Mary. Mary thinking Jesus was the gardener, did not realize it was Him until He spoke to her. Can you imagine the joy that most have overcame Mary when she finally heard Jesus’ voice?  She did not even realize yet that this represented so much more than Jesus returning to them. It showed how Jesus had defeated death and how He would maintain His promise to return again.

Peter and Mary were quick to tell the other disciples of the good news. However, Thomas (one of the twelve) did not believe them and said he would not believe until he could feel the wounds of Jesus’ body from His crucifixion. Jesus could have been angry and upset with Thomas, for he is supposed to be one of His main followers! However, Jesus took this chance to give Thomas an opportunity to grow in his faith, by allowing him to feel His wounds. This shows that all of us have doubts sometimes. While, you may think God is going to condemn you for you doubts, He could possibly give you an opportunity to grow in your faith from your doubts.

One of the last things Jesus does in the Book of John is that he goes fishing with the disciples. At one point, they were having no luck catching any fish. Jesus then tells them to throw the nets out the right side of the boat, and at that moment they pull in 153 fish.  This was just one of the miracles that Jesus performed for the disciples. As John put it in verse 21:25, “If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

Jesus has shown us how much he truly cares and loves each and every one of us in the Book of John. Without the work of Jesus, we wouldn’t be able to live at peace, knowing that we all have eternal life and a place in Heaven.



  1. What a great study! I don’t know about you but I am so blessed that Jesus took my sins. He didn’t have to but he did because he loves us so much. Sometimes it is so hard to comprehend a love like that. I think you did such a great job. What a beautiful gift Christ gave us by dying on the cross!


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