The Book of Ephesians

After finishing our long series in the Book of John, we are starting a new two week series in the Book of Ephesians. First you should know a little bit of the background to the Book of Ephesians. It was written by the apostle Paul around 60 A.D. This letter that Paul wrote was intended to be circulated around for believers to read and to learn from. One interesting point to remember while reading this is that Paul was in prison somewhere in Rome while we wrote this. Not too many people would write about the greatness of God from a prison.img_0536

Now in the first chapter, Paul starts off by talking about the spiritual blessings that we all have in Christ and how everyone should praise God for it. He then proceeds to write and give thanks to everything God has given him, in light of being in prison. This is a kind of spiritual strength that we should all strive for. Even in the lowest of places, Paul still praises God for His plan for him and doesn’t question or become angry with Him.

With Paul showing the kind of strength we should all want, he goes even further to pray for spiritual wisdom, so he can better learn and understand God’s will. Understanding God’s word will continue to be a working progress throughout your life, but if you pray for wisdom of that word, God will help guide you in the path of wisdom. God doesn’t want to see you fail, he wants you to learn and do what He asks of each and everyone one of us.

Later in chapter two, Paul tell his readers that we are all made alive through Christ. Without the actions of what Jesus did on the cross, we would all still be dead in our sins and transgressions. We should continue to thank God for sending us His one and only son to die for our sins, so that we can live an everlasting life in Heaven.  All this also shows God’s great mercy on all of us unworthy people.

Another thing that Paul preached about that I believe we should all take home is that we believers need to stick together. We shouldn’t be trying to tear each other apart or trying to knock each other down. We are all brothers and sisters of Christ and we should act like it, even when we don’t want to.

In chapter three God tells us through Paul that we should preach and spread His word around the world to all the nonbelievers. This can be hard for some people (including myself). Do you ever get afraid when talking to someone about God? Maybe you feel like you don’t know what to say or how to say. Well, pray for wisdom and for God’s guidance on what to say to someone to help them understand God’s true power. Trust me, it has happened to me before. Sometimes it feels like God takes over and gives you the words directly. Then afterwards, you are left surprised by all that you were able to express.

Pray for wisdom and guidance this week as you carry on your busy lives.

Here is an short article that gives believers coaching tips on how to reach out to others:



  1. I know I struggle when telling others about God, because I feel this is already a touchy subject and I don’t want to push them away. I also think it is very important to always praise God no matter the circumstances, which isn’t easy if you are in a low place. Great insight!


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