Reflecting on this Semester’s ILP

I can’t believe that this semester is coming to a close! I have learned so much, not only about myself but also in the scriptures that I studied. In doing so, I believe that I and any of my readers can say that they can live a little bit more like Christ every day.

I think through this whole project I learned that I can be more open about my faith with complete strangers. Before this class, I would have a very hard time of testifying my faith to a friend, family member, or stranger. However, this class and project has opened me open to becoming more willing to talk about faith and my walk with Jesus. It has made me more comfortable in this area and I think it has strengthen my relationship with God.

Overall, it wasn’t terribly hard to motivate myself to complete the weekly time requirement and blog. Whenever I got that lazy itch or wanting to put it off, I remembered that this blog isn’t just effecting me, but the lives of any of the readers that find their way onto my blog. That factor alone helped drive me forward this semester.

The most challenging part was definitely trying to figure out what was the most important information from the chapters that my readers needed to learn and understand. If I made my blog to long and put everything in it, I may turn off some of my readers and thus short change them in the opportunity to grow in their faith with Jesus. After I figured out what I wanted to put in the blog, I had another daunting task of figuring how to relate it and explain it in plain English so any person could stumble across this blog and understand what I was conveying.

Personally, the best part of this project was the feedback that I would get (especially from non-classmates). I got several messages that gave me great encouragement to keep pushing forward with my blog! This feedback showed me that I actually was making a difference, even if it was on a small scale. It made me feel as if my work really did matter and that I made an impact!

Photo CC- by seabrzdriver

I would definitely agree that Independent Learning Projects can be a vital tool for any teacher to utilize. I think I could potentially use similar projects to help students’ learning, not only about themselves but also about their peers. It could help them learn on a deeper level the things that they consider most important. They also could try something completely new and learn from it as well. Regardless, it would be a great method to use in helping students connect with their inner selves on a more profound level.


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