My Digital Story

This week I created my first ever digital story. I have never created anything like it before and I definitely learned a lot about the software program that I used and the overall process of making a digital story. There were some definite ups and downs during the process, which was expected before I began, seeing how I have very little experience producing these.

The first problem I encountered was figuring out simply how to create a digital story. After I went back and researched how to create one I then needed to figure out which website or software program I would use. I ended up using a free program called PhotoStage Slideshow Presentation.

PhotoStage was a very interesting software program to use. It took a lot of time to figure out how to use and create things using this site. While, it has everything I needed to complete my story, it wasn’t the most user friendly for someone who hasn’t ever made a digital story before. After a significant amount of time playing around with the program, I was able to figure out the basics of the site.

For my metaphor for my digital story I chose to talk about how teaching is like a coaching job. There aren’t too many jobs like teaching and coach which are so intertwined. I talk about in my presentation how they are intertwined. I also go on to talk about how I have been around athletics all my life and how it lead me to use the metaphor of coaching and teaching.

Overall, I enjoyed this project and having to learn the necessary skills to create and produce my very first digital story. I was not too excited when I read the project on the lesson assignment checklist, but I am now glad that we were required to complete it. Without creating this digital story, I highly doubt that I would have ever learned or even tried to learn how to create a digital story. I now believe that every teacher should learn how to create this, not only so they can implement them into their own curriculum, but also so they can learn to appreciate the work that is required to make a digital story. I now know that at some point in my teaching career I am going to require a project like this for my own students to complete.

I hope you enjoy my first digital story!


-All photos besides the opening title photo (Photo CC- Luther College Archives), were taken by my mother Lesia Martens.

-This digital story was narrated by myself.

-All sounds and animations were used publicly and freely by the PhotoStage Slideshow Producer.


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