The Book of John: Ch 7-9

In this week’s study, we will dive into the actions of Jesus through Chapters 7-9 in the Book of John.

Jesus begins Chapter 7 by heading to Galilee to speak the truth to the people there. Along the way, Jesus’ disciples urge Him to reveal the nature of His work to the world. Jesus simply replies to them that it is not the time, and that one day, they will all see. What Jesus is referring to here, is to His death and resurrection at the cross. This was something that nobody but Jesus knew about.

While speaking with the crowd, they begin to mummer and dispute Jesus for healing and practicing on the Sabbath (Sunday). Which at the time was against the law. He replies by telling them to stopping judging by mere appearances. By doing so, Jesus is telling them that how do they know His true intentions and his work by simply judging Him by healing on the Sabbath? If they were true believers of God they wouldn’t care when Jesus was practicing. This will not be the last time that Jesus tells us sinners to not judge one another. Judgment is for God alone. We have no ground to stand on once we begin judging others, for we are all sinners in the eyes of the Lord.

Even the Pharisees were infuriated about Jesus practicing on the Sabbath. They wanted guards to bring Him in for braking their laws. The Pharisees believed that no true prophet could come from the land of Galilee and that Jesus was lying. This is another time when the Pharisees were misinformed and judging under false pretenses, for Jesus was not from Galilee. He was from the small town of Bethlehem.


Later, Jesus travels to the Mount of Olives to see the people and their teachers. When he arrives he finds them questioning an adulteress and about to commence stoning her to death for her crimes. As they are picking up their stones, Jesus asks them, “Are we not all sinners?” Slowly everyone puts down their stones and leaves the woman behind, for they know that Jesus is correct when saying that we are all sinners and fall short of perfection. Then, he looks to the woman and tells her to leave this place and to leave her life of sin. We are all slaves to sin, and the only thing that can break us free is God. God is the light to all the world’s darkness. He shines when nothing else good will shine.


On the Sabbath, Jesus finds a blind man begging along the side of the road. The disciples ask Jesus what has he done or who in his family has sinned to cause this? Instead of saying that they are all sinners, Jesus points out that sometimes God doesn’t do things like this to punish people, but to test your faith and to display the work of God. After seeing the blind man, Jesus takes some mud and rubs in on the man’s eyes, and tells him to go wash his face and he will see. This is a key point to remember. When something bad happens in your life, don’t be quick to blame it on God for punishing you. Maybe, God is testing your faith to see what you can handle, for God has a plan for all of us.


We are all like the blind beggar. We are helpless and lost without Jesus. We will only see unless we believe and let the Holy Spirit pour out from us. Jesus came to let the blind see, so let Jesus shine a light on our path.

Photo CC- By Cory Martens
Photo CC- By Cory Martens