The Book of John: Ch 13-15

During these chapters this week we see Jesus nearing the time for Him to show His people why He came to them. At the supper with the disciples, Jesus took a bowl of water and began washing their feet. Now, you make not think much of this, but during this time only servants were allowed to wash their master’s feet. What this showed was how much Jesus loves each and everyone one of us, and that He is not our master and that He is willing to get His hands dirty for us. Are you willing to get your hands dirty for Christ? Would you be willing to do something that was outside the norms or outside your “social class” to help further God’s will?

Later during the supper, Jesus tells His disciples that one of them will betray Him, and one of them will disown Him, all before the rooster crows three times tomorrow. They all swore that they would never do such a thing, and Peter went further saying that he would lay down his life for Jesus. However, Jesus knew that the Devil had gotten to Judas and that Peter would indeed deny knowing Him in the morning when the people came for Him.

Jesus then tells the disciples that He is leaving, leaving to place that they cannot come right now. This confused them, for they did not understand that Jesus was talking about Heaven. He goes on to tell them that he is preparing a place for all of us. This is a wonderful thing to know! That Jesus is preparing an eternal place for each and every one of us. All we have to do, is accept Christ as our savior and believe that God is the one true god. That’s a pretty good deal for having a Heavenly eternal resting place. As a Christian, that doesn’t mean you can simply do whatever you want now. While, you don’t earn your way into Heaven (unlike what many other religions teach), a Christian should still profess their faith and bring more people to Christ. We are all called to bring more followers to Christ. Christian do things for others and demonstrate their faith not by requirement, but because of the Holy Spirit is moving them in such a way. In other words, Christians want to do those things, not because of some law that demands it, but because they want to! It is another way of demonstrating God’s true love for us all. Also, if we had to earn our way into Heaven and earn God’s love, then Jesus would have died on the cross for nothing and none of us would make it to Heaven. We are all sinners, and we will all for short of the glory of God.

Jesus tells us to remPhoto CC- By Cory Martensain strong in the Lord, and to trust in Him and He will one day reward us for our faith. Again, that doesn’t mean that if we demonstrate our faith that God will give us a monetary valued possession, but that we can further the glory of God. We need to testify for God. Testify are to faith to others, so that others can come to know Him as we do and see the world in a whole different light!

Lastly, Jesus told us in John 13:13 “Love one another. As I have loved you”. If we all do our best to love each other like Jesus loves us, then a vast majority of our worldly problems would be vanquished. At the end of the day though, always remember that Jesus loves you and will always love you. Not matter would you do, or what you say, He will always accept you with open arms. All you have to do is call out to Him.

For those of you who may be struggling with their relationship with God, and are wanting to get back on the path to righteousness, try reading this article by Andy Wood.

Four Ideas for Reconnecting with God



  1. Great post! I am glad you are sharing this book with us because this is a great! I am so blessed that Christ died for our sins and that he loved us that much! It is amazing how much Christ loves us, it is hard to comprehend sometimes but it is a true blessing!


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